Climbing Out of Our Trenches: Towards a Different Conversation About Women and Orthodoxy

Our recent communal engagements around women and Orthodoxy have taken on something of the aspect of trench warfare.  On either side, partisans are deeply dug in to their respective positions, lobbing intense verbal volleys over no man’s land to detonate over the trenches on the other side, strewing shrapnel indiscriminately. Periodically, a frontal assault is […]

For If You Remain Silent At This Time

  Ki Im Hacharesh Tacharishi Ba’Et HaZot For If You Remain Silent At This Time The Book of Esther is perhaps the best-loved book of the Tanakh; the reading of its dramatic narrative the centerpiece of the holiday of Purim. The story pivots on a number of theatrical confrontations: the confrontation between Haman and Mordechai […]