I am an educator, a parent, a Rebbetzin, an historian of science, an Orthodox Jew. No one is responsible for what I think but me.

“Tacit knowledge” is a term for that which you know from experience or practice, but which is hard to write down or transmit. (In history of science, it’s about setting up your new, complex piece of equipment but not being able to get it to work until someone who’s worked with that setup in another lab shows up to with the knowledge in her hands of just how to tweak the apparatus to get it to function.) I am not a scholar of things Jewish, or Orthodox, but I have tacit knowledge, and that’s what I write from and about.


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  1. Hi there-

    I would love to reach out re: a new Jewish journal you might want to be a part of and I think you would be awesome for! Would you mind sharing your email with me?

    Kol tuv and a freilichen Hanukkah,



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